Centennial Project

The Board has worked diligently over the past year to develop a master plan for our course and club amenities. Our facility architect, MSKTD, has created concepts for the west campus and other facilities based on input from membership surveys, various committees, agronomists, and course design experts. Now, the Board is prepared to share the plan with the membership.

Centennial Vote / Meeting Information
  • In-Person Voting Option: All eligible members may cast his or her vote in person on Wednesday, September 15th beginning at 6:00 p.m.
  • Proxy or Absentee Ballot Options: Instructions to vote by proxy or absentee ballot have been distributed previously. A BIG reminder – the deadline to submit your proxy to Megan Christman is 5:00pm, Sept. 15th and absentee ballots must be received by Kevin Markey no later than the start of the meeting on Sept. 15th. For those you that are completing proxies, please include your member number and/or print your name if your signature is not clearly legible. Kevin can be reached at markeykc@gmail.com or (317) 716-7897.
  • Eligible Voters: Resident Golf Members, Resident Junior Golf Members, Resident Athletic Members, and Resident Clubhouse Members that hold a Certificate of Interest. If you are unsure of your membership status, please contact Megan Christman before the meeting on Wednesday evening. Megan can be reached at mchristman@mhcc-indy.com or (317) 860-1534.
  • Voting on Wednesday: The meeting will be called promptly at 6:00 by Board President, Adam Broderick. Check in will open at 5:30 so feel free to show up a little early, check in and get your ballot. Once the meeting has been called, you will be allowed to place your ballot in the voting box. Voting will close at 7:00pm. Although we do not expect this to be the case, if you are in line to check in at 7:00pm, you will be allowed to receive a ballot and vote (come early so this is not an issue).
  • Important Voting Clarifications:
    • If you are voting in person, you may cast one vote.
    • The primary member in each family must cast the ballot. A spouse or other family member will not be allowed to cast a ballot for the eligible member.
    • If you are a proxy, you will receive one ballot for each member who has designated you as their proxy. Proxies must vote in person. No new proxies may be designated after 5:00 on Wednesday – NO exceptions so please do not send a family member or friend to cast your vote as they will not receive a ballot.
    • In order for the proposal to be adopted, 2/3 of eligible votes cast must vote in the affirmative. We expect to announce the results Wednesday evening.

Important Links:


  • June 15th & 16th: Informational Meetings (video recording available here)
  • Late June: Share informational packet and feedback form with membership
  • Mid-July: Surveys Due
  • Late July: Develop Reccomended Plan
  • August: Share proposed plan with membership
  • August 18th: Open House
  • September 15th: Membership Vote

Further Questions?

We're happy to answer them! Send us an email at board@mhcc-indy.org and we'll get back to you!