Caddie Program

Meridian Hills Caddie Pricing and Descriptions

Honor Caddies (18 Holes):   $35.00 + Tip
(Forecaddie Round):   $15/bag +Tip

 These caddies are the elite caddies of Meridian Hills that are experienced golfers, college students, or 2-3 year caddy team members.  They have received excellent ratings for a minimum of 8 consecutive rounds.  These caddies have also caddied for one of the members of the Caddie Committee to prove his or her status as an honor caddie.  Honor caddies are the only caddies who may double loop if the need arises.  They can also serve as excellent forecaddies for your group.

Class “A” Caddies (18 Holes):   $30.00 + Tip
(Forecaddie Round):   $10/bag +Tip
These are usually the younger, but seasoned caddies who have earned excellent ratings for 8 consecutive rounds.  They have been trained and are very knowledgeable about all the etiquette and fundamentals involved in caddying.  “A” caddies must also caddie one round for one of the members of the Caddie Committee to prove his or her status as an “A” caddie.  Some of these caddies are trained to forecaddie as well.

Class “B” Caddies (18 Holes):   $25.00 + Tip 
[Single New Logo Filled green.bmp] These are the newer, 1st year caddies.  As young recruits, they need patience, understanding and encouragement as they build their total skills on their way to the Class A rank. Their development and your cooperation is vital to the continued success of the caddie program, so members should be encouraged to be helpful and supportive.  “B” caddies have passed the Caddie Training, consisting of 3 training sessions, testing and caddying for a committee member.
Members should tip their caddie if a good round is performed.
The standard tip is between $5 and $15.